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"After you cook the first fish, invite somebody to come eat with you."
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"Salmon remind us that life is temporary, and to give it everything we’ve got."
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"Salmon have given all Alaskans something to believe in and hope for."
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"Salmon teach us patience, determination, caring, and sharing."
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"In everything, give thanks."

Amy Gulick has done it again, producing another salmon-themed visual tour de force. Her keen photographic eye has captured the enduring spirit of Alaska’s centuries-long relationship with the awe-inspiring Pacific salmon. A truly great and very fishy book.
  ~Ray Troll, Alaska Artist

The Salmon Way is a follow-on to Amy Gulick’s Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest.

Amy Gulick brings 25 years of experience photographing and writing about nature to audiences ranging from the World Wilderness Congress to school classrooms. With science, humor, and adventure, Amy helps people understand ecological connections and why they matter to humanity and all life on Earth.