“Salmon have taught me to be thankful for the abundance of the earth coupled with the constant reminder that you should take only what you need. In Alaska, this is a widely shared value.”
        ~Heidi Wild,
        Bristol Bay, Alaska


Few who read this illuminating book or see the author’s awe-inspiring color photographs will fail to come away with a sense that this is a way of life well-worth preserving. A rich, compelling look at a thriving yet increasingly threatened natural resource and those who depend on it.
        ~ Kirkus Reviews, (starred review)

Featuring striking, full-color photography throughout, The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind explores the salmon’s integral role to both survival and culture, as well as the search to establish a sustainable, long-term relationship with salmon. The Salmon Way is both a work of natural history and a modern-day environmental parable, highly recommended.
       ~Midwest Book Review, "Reviewer’s Choice"

Amy Gulick has perfectly captured the significance—so much more than food—of salmon to Alaskans in The Salmon Way. Her exquisite photos and respectful portraits and investigations take us into the lives of salmon people all over the state to remind us just how central salmon are to our identities, livelihoods, cultures, communities, and spirits. This book is a celebration and—without saying so—a prayer to our best selves to take care of what takes care of us.
       ~Nancy Lord, former Alaska Writer Laureate, author of Fishcamp and editor of Made of Salmon

The Salmon Way offers us an engaging visual feast that reminds us that salmon and people shared Alaska for thousands of years, and still can if we fight for them and learn the lessons of other regions that instead chose to fight over them.
       ~David R. Montgomery, author of King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon

Amy Gulick has done it again, producing another salmon-themed visual tour de force. Her keen photographic eye has captured the enduring spirit of Alaska’s centuries-long relationship with the awe-inspiring Pacific salmon. A truly great and very fishy book.
       ~Ray Troll, Alaska Artist